About Us 

A little introduction to who we are, what this blog is, and why you should have read.

Emma and Tiffany, old friends from school who happened to both want a new adventure for 2017! 

We had always liked the idea of a blog to keep our families up to date with our whereabouts and we aren’t always great at communication otherwise. It is also a fast, easy way to be able to look back on our trip without having to dig out our handwritten journals.

So where did the title Eat Love Rucksack come from? We had a little brainstorm and thought it was funny to take the mickey out of Eat Pray Love (no disrespect Julia Roberts, we love ya).

  • Eat – self explanatory, we love food so we’ll try and tell you as much as possible about our favourite restaurants/bars and food
  • Love – the way we felt about places and experiences
  • Rucksack – travel information, the essentials, what we couldn’t have survived without and what we maybe wish we had brought. 

Important note for readers: we’ll be writing from different points of view. Anything remotely soppy and emotional (probably long winded) will generally be written by Emma and content that is informative punchy, well written with good grammar, will probably be Tiffany.