Casa en el Agua

Situated as part of the San Bernardo islands off the coast of Colombia, we were really looking forward to this ‘hostel in the water’, it was the one place we had to book a month in advance! 

Our excitement was slightly put on hold the night before in Cartagena. A sleepless night listening to the most frightening thunderstorm accompanied by involuntary trips to the toilet after too many rice, beans and plantain! 

Nonetheless, the following morning we got the 2 hour (rather bumpy and rainy) boat trip to the hostel feeling surprisingly fresh and once we arrived Casa en el Agua looked phenomenal. 

We can’t rant and rave enough about our stay here, it is a hostel full of wonderful people in the middle of the Caribbean ocean. Paradise! 

We did liken the experience to big brother/love island. One group of people get on as another leaves, and you can think what you want about the bits in between. You quickly befriend everybody there…you’ve no choice it’s a small space! We met an amazing group of people from Yorkshire and we spent our days frolicking in the crystal clear water, cocktails in hand (it’s a hard life). 

It’s an eco-hostel so no wifi, one bucket of fresh shower water per person per day, and all the meals were whatever produce the fisherman caught that day. Tiff and I ate crab the second evening and we could’ve eaten it again and again, all for what seems like an expensive 50,000 pesos but convert it and it’s not even £10!

Once the sun sets things didn’t get quieter, like us, most people had their own rum and combined with card games, great people,  and good music the night took care of itself.  
Tiff had an unfortunate encounter with mosquito repellent, spraying it directly into her eye. After the initial worry she might have lost her 20/20 vision her uncanny resemblance to a cyclops was very amusing for the evening.

This photo doesn’t give her puffy eye enough justice, but it’s still a lovely horrendous photo. We look very very happy!

We were meant to be staying in hammocks the second night but managed to get ourselves beds again. The staff were so lovely, the most laid back bunch of guys from Cali (west coast of Colombia). Happy to help with anything you needed or just simply join in on the party! 

We did the trip to Islote, one of the most densely populated islands in the world. Well worth the visit, and when they say you’re going to an aquarium to swim with nurse sharks…do it! There is no other place you’ll see a 12yro boy pick up a huge shark by its gills then 2 seconds later throw a turtle into your hands. 

By the end, we had become accomplished at slacklining, eating fresh seafood, and jumping off the hostel. Tiff leapt for joy, meanwhile I needed half an hour of convincing to jump off (please refer to the photo to see the finished product). 

Tiff leaping for joy!
Emma’s not so graceful jump 💩


3 thoughts on “Casa en el Agua

  1. I am sooo impressed with your adventurousness, your beautiful locations and some really good photos. You’ve made this a real pleasure to read and an inspiration to others, for sure.
    Keep going – keep safe

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