Waking up Sunday morning was difficult, the hangover from Medellin had finally caught up with us! We had some yogurt (Bon Yurt) and empanadas for breakfast at the bus station, which is becoming a staple part of our diet! 

We didn’t really have any idea where we were going, how far it was or even what it should look like. At first a couple of podcasts and nice scenery made the journey fly, but traffic built up and before we knew it we were at a stand still in the middle of the mountains trapped in a tiny bus. Google maps just marked as an insignificant dot in middle Colombia. We were melting!! A couple more hours passed and Tiff made the executive decision to get off the non-moving bus and work it out from there.

We walked and found our hostel La Galería which was just behind El Peñol (the big rock). Great location over looking one of Guatape’s many beautiful lakes! Our friend Will, who we met in Medellin arrived at a similar time and we set off up the rock. After climbing all 740 steps it was an incredible 360 view, accompanied by yet another Club Colombia beer! If you’re wondering why the rock has half finished graffiti on it…well the people from Guatape started to mark their territory but the people from Peñol quite clearly noticed the 100m letters GU and stopped them!

The following morning the 3 of us hired a kayak, got sunburnt through the clouds! (We could just hear our mums saying I told you so!). Afterwards, we grabbed a lift to Guatape town, it was a colourful and quaint little town, but there was somber mood in the air because of the horrible boat sinking incident the day before. 

We hopped back on the bus to Medellin and had our last meal with Will and got ready for our early morning flight up to Santa Marta. Finally bikini weather here we come!


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