The bus from Huacachina was terrible… our seats were sold (again). It was a long windy road through the mountains. Faces were turning green around us, people throwing up into their little clear plastic bags. Tiff was sat next to the toilet and had to learn to time when to cover her nose for the smell. NOT a 10/10 experience.  We arrived very late at … Continue reading Cusco 


From Lima we jumped on a PerúBus to Ica for 30Soles each (~£6.50) don’t pay more! No need to book online, like most things in South America we just turned up at the Soyuz terminal. It takes around 5 hours, a bit stop start.  Huacachina is a ten min taxi from the bus terminal in Ica. It’s a small oasis full of restaurants and hostels … Continue reading Huacachina