Chile as a whole was our biggest surprise. Although more expensive, the food was delicious. Very varied and reminded us more of European cuisine. We ended up trying lots of restaurants (see list below) but it’s definitely more economical to cook for yourself! 

Traditional! Chorillana is an absolute must try when in Chile. It consists of sliced beef on a bed of fries/potato wedges, with onions and usually a fried egg! It’s sharing dish for sure. We were stuffed. 

Another popular Chilean snack is Sopaipilla, a kind of fried, savoury pastry. 

If you have a sweet tooth, Chile does amazing ice cream. There are loads of parlours along Calle Italia, one that tickled us was named Game of Cones. Bravo!

Also, at a Chilean friend’s birthday party we had crumble cake. It stuck together using condensed milk. It must be so bad for you, but it was Tiff’s favourite thing she ate!

Cheese! To go with all the red wine, you’ve got to have cheese. At our hostel, Ivan the amazing owner, often served cream cheese covered in soy sauce and sesame seems. So simple but so good!  

Wine – We’ve never drank so much quality red wine at reasonable prices in our lives. It was heaven. Our favourite was a Carmenere named Sibaris. 

Beer – as usual we tried to stick to beers local to the country. The cheap, standard beers are Escudo and Cristal. But if you want to go slightly more upmarket, there’s Austral, Kuntsmann, and Kros

Terremotos – this is the traditional Chilean drink, the name translates to ‘earthquake’. The drink contains: Pipeño wine, Grenadine, Fernet-Branc, and is topped with pineapple ice cream! It’s very sweet, strong, and the ingredients are unusual but we liked it. 

Fave restaurants –


Badula (huge, awesome burgers – you could even share one between two)

PatioBellavista (a courtyard with loads of great bars and restaurants)

Galindo (cheap, traditional Chilean food, v close to PatioBellavista)

The Jazz Corner (outside seating, and often do pizza & beer combo promotions!)

Castillo Forestral (quite fancy but affordable, located diagonally from the Fine Arts Museum, our faves were the confit duck and the beef bourguignon)


Taller de Masas (alternative empanadas)

Delicias Express (classic fried empanadas – these were our fave empanadas to date!)

Altamira (go here to try the traditional Chilean dish ‘Chorillana’ and taste craft beers) 

Entre Cerro (cute coffee shop) 

El Bajon Express (good fast food place post- night out!)

Fave bars – 


La Piojera (go here to try Terremotos!)

Red frog bar 

Club Terraza 


Mi Casa (great interior decor and located on Cumming street, which is the Main Street for bars) 

Bar Liberty (dive bar on the corner of Plaza Echaurren, live music, and the place to go on a Thursday) 

Badula – big glorious burgers
La Piojera – it’s quite the experience!
Crumble with condensed milk birthday cake!
Red wine galore accompanied by a delicious cream cheese/soy sauce/sesame seed dish
The Jazz Corner
One of many ice cream parlours along Calle Italia
Our favourite red wine
Castillo Forestral
Entre Cerro
Chorillana at restaurant Altamira
An aubergine and cheese empanada at Taller de Masas
Red Frog Bar


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