I thought I’d write a separate post solely for the thunderstorms here in Bacoa.  It all started a couple of weeks ago after a group of us headed into Guatape for dinner. This is where I tasted my first Micheladas-beer (Club Colombia Dorado of course) with lime juice and salt around the brim of the glass. Very refreshing! Before we’d finished up dinner he skies … Continue reading Thunderstorms


Returning to Cartagena after Casa en el agua was like being vomited back up onto the shore. We were sad to leave our favourite hostel and I had a complete  Monica from friends moment from the sea water and humidity (see below image).  Cartagena is so hot! We bee-lined straight for our Mamallena hostel to enjoy the phenomenal aircon, wash, and nap. Later, we walked … Continue reading Cartagena


We made it! Post-bus we got the (very clean) metro to Poblado, where we checked into La Playa hostel. From there, we saundered into the centre of town to get our bearings and visited a couple museums (we’re so cultural). We also got ourselves used to being called ‘Gringos’ on every corner. There aren’t many blondies (in fact none, especially as tall as Tiff). The … Continue reading Medellin