Returning to Cartagena after Casa en el agua was like being vomited back up onto the shore. We were sad to leave our favourite hostel and I had a complete  Monica from friends moment from the sea water and humidity (see below image). 

Cartagena is so hot! We bee-lined straight for our Mamallena hostel to enjoy the phenomenal aircon, wash, and nap. Later, we walked around the Old City, sat with iced coffees and people watched.

In the evening, we treated ourselves to steak and wine before catching up with our Casa en el Agua friend Henny at the bar of our hostel. Cue weirdest moment of the trip so far – A guy, unannounced, bit Emma’s leg after she showed him one of her mozzy bites…wtf!

The next day we entered the ‘walled city’, basically the centre of Cartagena and (whilst slightly melting) walked around enjoying all the colourful buildings and general buzz about the place. 

We bought Colombia caps to complete our ‘super gringo’ look and then went back to the hostel to recharge. Our last evening in Cartagena was spent with our friends Chess & Joe. We went back to the square in the Old City to eat street food, drink beers in brown paper bags, and watch various street performances (inc. a Colombian Michael Jackson…hee hee). 



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