Overview – 

Coffee! First and foremost we’ve got to mention the coffee, it’s to die for. We often drank it black, un tinto!

Empanadas! they love to fry everything in Colombia, the empanadas are no exception. Our favourites were in Medellin on the walking tour. Just off the plaza next to the Botero museum. You’ll also eat a lot plantain and arepas – plantain looks like a banana on steroids and comes in many forms, we loved all the forms! 

Fruit! So much and so delicious, there are many varieties of passionfruit, and we loved the juice made from Lulo! The avocados were huge and ripe – the dream. 

Booze! Club Colombia was our go to beer. Or aguila beer (it’s 1000Pesos cheaper). Aguardiente – Colombia’s sambuca-like liquor..rank!

In general, we loved the food in Colombia, you can avoid plates of rice & chips if you look hard enough!

Favourite restaurants –  

  • Bogota – Gato Gris (traditional food), Chorro de Quevedo square (great coffee places), La Puerta Falsa (one of the oldest buildings in Bogota, had Tamal – a traditional breakfast & Panela – drink made from sugar cane and very common to put cheese in it), Crepes & Waffles 
  • Medellin – Burdo (very buzzy, great music), Casa Clandestine (biggest salad ever), La Casa de Frente, El Alma (breakfast – huge bowl of granola), La Playa (breakfast at our hostel was great, took a while though!)
  • Lataganga – Taco (fresh Ceviche!)
  • Cartagena – Gaucha (steak restaurant), amazing street food in Plaza Trinidad 
  • Santa Marta – Caribbean Team
  • Special mention to Bon Yurt (yoghurt/granola pots from supermarkets) & Juan Valdez cafe for your banana bread and iced coffee!

Favourite bars – 

  • Medellin – happy buddah, club mansion 
  • Cartagena – Mamallena (hostel but the bar is great)

The best beers on the top of El Peñol overlooking lakes of Guatape
Most phenomenal salad you’ve ever seen? Casa Clandestino

Freshest seafood you can find!
Incredible street food in Plaza Trinidad, Cartagena

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