Road to La Paz

We can’t believe we’re already heading to Bolivia, our amazing South American adventure is passing too quickly!

For our last night in Cusco we ate pizza baked in a clay-oven, so yummy! It came with a starter and chicha morada juice for just 30Soles total. Just what we needed before boarding yet another bus!

The big surprise was that our Bolivia Hop bus was dreamy! We were actually so excited by how comfortable it was, we could not have coped with another soul destroying bus like the one from Huacachina.

The first stop was Puno (still in Peru). Don’t bother staying the night, just hop off the bus for a couple of hours and do the tour to Los Urus ($10 each). Los Urus is a series of 90 manmade floating islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca. There are 2000 habitants who speak Aymará a pre-Inka language. They originally lived on the shore as fisherman but when the Inkas came to conquer they escaped in boats (which they now call mercedes benz) to the the middle of the lake and consequently stayed there.

The boat on the far left is their mercedes Benz

Little Arturo in his family home

Also for just 1Sole you can get a passport stamp!

Hopped back on the bus towards the Bolivian border and Copacabana. It’s a straight forward drive provided there are not more protests! We got caught in a couple (to do with education pay), one of which was quite frightening. Riot police and lots of bricks and smoke bombs being thrown. 

Don’t worry we were safely inside the bus…

The border was very easy a case of stamp out stamp back in, it just takes a while due to queues. 
Copacabana is a bit of an odd town, full of hustle and bustle, people everywhere and a great view of the lake! We got a cheap nights sleep in Las Brisas (£5 each). However it was very loud, we didn’t realise it was coming up to Bolivian Independence Day. It’s all a bit crazy, bizarre repetitive Bolivian carnavalito music played all night…they actually haven’t switched the makeshift boom box off yet. Thank god for Tiff providing us with ear plugs! 

Breakfast at El Condor & the Eagle Cafe was perfect, the food and coffee were phenomenal and staff so helpful. It’s run by an Irish guy and he quite literally had books of recommendations that we could peruse. We then mooched about the markets and jumped on a 1.5hr boat to visit Isla del Sol, which sits on Lake Titicaca. The view was beautiful. Back on the Bolivia Hop bus it was just 4 hours to La Paz! We were provided with popcorn and the new Beauty and the Beast, dreamy! 


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