From Cartagena we went to Minca!

Our hostel, Casa Elemento, was high in the hills so we had to get motorbike taxis up! It cost 20 000 COP (~£5) per bike and we paid an extra 10 000 for a third mototaxi to take our big bags…very glad we did as it’s a hair raising and exhilarating ride up! You feel like you’re about to fall off at any moment during the muddy and bumpy 30min journey, but it’s so much fun. The young drivers genuinely race up against each other while you grip on for dear life. 

We checked in and our room was up in what we called The Village. A series of other dorms and big hammocks 5 mins FURTHER up the hill. A walk we quickly resented…and weirdly full of toads. 

On arrival we bumped into Vincent who we met in casa en el agua and he told us he’d managed to persuade some of our Yorkshire friends (Nate & Thea) to come up too. We were so excited, it’d only been a day but we missed them!! 

The heavens opened on cue at about 1pm and it rained on and off for a few hours. But that didn’t stop us having a good time. Our loyal pals beer and cards saved the day and afterwards we had a nap on the famous overhanging hammocks. In the evening we met the most beautiful Dutch couple Anke & Kous and made them join the rest of us for what turned out to be a big party! Woo!

Hungover, we all decided to trek to a waterfall called Mirinka. The lady at our hostel reception assured us it would only take 20 minutes up the jungle and 40 minutes down…she was half right. It took 20minutes up but 3 HOURS DOWN. 

About an hour in it started to pour with rain, Nate only had flip flops on, Kous & I got separated from the group, and we were all convinced we were lost. We finally emerged sopping wet and moody to see the most unimpressive poo-coloured waterfall ever. But hey we still posed for a photo (ps. shout out to scabby Simon & Patrick the 2 dogs that followed us through thick and thin – we love you). 

Back at the hostel we had a spag bol of warriors and an early night. The one night we didn’t drink a single beer we were punished. We woke up and we’d been bitten alive even with repellent and leggings on! Life lesson to keep drinking. 


From Casa Elemento it was on to our last stop in Colombia, Costeno Beach hostel 😦 A previous Debbie Downer had told us she didn’t like this hostel because it was too sandy….the clue’s in the name love! Catriona came with us so that was extra fun  and we set up shop in the 36 bed thatched roof dorm and quickly bought a beer and hit the beach.

For dinner they rang a big bell in the hostel and we all queued like cattle. Randomly it was a Sunday roast, but it was so lovely and felt like home away from home. We then weaved our way through palm trees to hostel La Brisa Loca next door to meet Anke & Kous. We spent the night around a big bonfire with live music and had a bit of a spanish sing along. 

The following day was mostly spent horizontal on the beach. A fitting way to spend one of our last days in sunny Colombia. Late afternoon we watched Anke and Kous surfing further down the coast!

Another cattle bell rang and it was Thai green curry, phenomenal! However a hot spicy dinner was not a good combination with the sweltering hot evening in Costeño. We felt like somebody was holding a hairdryer in our faces. Everyone looked very sweaty and it made us very sleepy. But we would not be defeated! Happy hour arrived and we ordered essential pick me ups. Long. Island. Ice. Teas. BOOM we were back. Within a few sips we all had a new lease of life, everything escalated and we had a really fun evening of silliness and card games. 

The only downside was a hangover the following morning and the realisation when we paid our tab that we got happy hour wrong. Ach well, off to Ecuador next!


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