Road to Lima 

Well the road to Lima was a long one…

We started off by taking a 6hr bus from Baños to Guayaquil (San Francisco bus company, good during day do not take at night). It was awful..they sold our seats, no recline and dripping condensation from the ceiling. All topped off with losing my most valuable possession, my favourite jacket 😔 Anyway we won’t dwell on it. We arrived at 5am at Tangara guest hostel, we had a private room (so grateful!), and the lovely staff let us check in and go straight to bed. Essentially giving us a free night’s stay. 

The next day, Tiff woke up feeling quite poorly so we decided to take a rest day. The trip so far had been pretty full and the exhaustion had caught up with us a bit!  We think Guayaquil is often used as a stop over location, it’s 3hrs from coastal, party towns such as Montanita. 

Anyway, we spent the next 24hrs watching movies, Tiff eating marmite on toast, and I devoured some chicken nuggets. 

All the rest let us recharge our batteries for our 30hour bus ride to Lima! 

Boarded at 14:09(17th July)arrived 20:09(18th July) 30hours on the dot! We went with Cruz del Sur and would definitely recommend them ($100 each). It felt like a plane – we had TVs, a hostess, and ultra reclining seats – it’s as comfy as a long distance bus can get! 

Nothing glamorous about these buses!

Arrived at our hostel Alpes Lima, which is in the Miraflores area. The first thing we did was hand in some washing because the kilos were piling up and then swiftly had a well deserved beer, Peruvian Pilsner this time. It tasted so good! 

A well deserved sleep, interrupted only by some noisy roommates, was followed by another free walking tour. You only walk a short loop but they try show you as much as possible and it’s very interesting. 

In the main square there was a competition of school marching bands, it was very loud and colourful. Not like the sky of Lima which they told us is grey all year round! It’s actually nicknamed in Peru as ‘Lima la Barriga del Burro’ translated as ‘Lima the Stomach of the Donkey’. The tour finished with Pisco tasting, a pisco sour, a passion fruit one, and another that tasted like espresso martini! 

Straight after we wondered over to Artesanía Santo Domingo to have a look at arts and crafts and see if they had any nice alpaca jumpers (I was getting cold and my only item of warm clothing was in the wash). It was a really cool place just to walk about in, everything was a lot cheaper than other souvenir shops and there is a lot of room for haggling. 

We didn’t get a chance to go to the Barranco neighbourhood, but we’ve heard good things so would definitely check it out if we went back. Who wants to see Barranco anyway when you can hang out in a cat park…Parque Kennedy circa. 200 cats

We had a late late lunch on ‘Pizza street’ and got free beer! Blonde hair, don’t care. A jolly walk back to hostel and a nap before Hanzo (a fancy Peruvian/Japanese fusion restaurant). It was date night, and we wanted to treat ourselves after our long bus journey! So so tasty, but it was a seven sins moment. Complete gluttony. We ordered so much our stomachs were in stitches! 


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