The Beginning – Colombia

Emma and Tiff here, a month in and we’ve just got round to writing our blog, better late than never! Gotta keep the fans updated! The next 3 months should be interesting…  


June 20th was the day we were reunited in Bogota airport (a day late because Tiff’s flight from Miami airport was cancelled after they tried to ‘jump start’ the plane for 4hours..). Nevertheless seeing each other through the airport glass was a love actually moment! 

That evening we caught up over a delicious dinner with live music in Gato Gris. We were so excited about all the adventures we had ahead!

We only had one day in Bogota so after a typical breakfast of Tamal and panela  at Puerta Falsa we decided that the (free) Graffiti tour would be the best way to see the city with the little time we had. We’d highly recommend it, really cool artwork and it’s a good first insight into the country. Already we were realising that Colombians are the nicest people!

In the evening, we embarked on our first night bus to Medellin, it took around 8 hours and the first couple hours featured the soothing sound of a Colombian man’s boombox… 

                Join us in Medellin next…


One thought on “The Beginning – Colombia

  1. That’s a really good little blog. Nice pics. It would’ve good to name any good bars/hotels or restaurants for any future travellers? Keep it up though as it’s fun to see and hear about your adventures.


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