A brief list of travel essentials we’ve found super handy during our trip! 


  • Plenty of knickers and socks!
  • T-shirts/vests/long sleeve tops 
  • Bras/sports bras/bralets 
  • Dri-fit stuff is great – knickers, tops, sports shorts etc
  • Running leggings
  • Jeans 
  • Jogging bottoms for sleeping 
  • Trainers, hiking shoes, flip flops/sliders 
  • Jumper/hoody
  • Thermals 
  • Waterproof coat & Ultra light down coat (e.g. the ones from Uniqlo that can be squished into a bag)
  • Bikinis 
  • A sarong – so handy!
  • A couple loose dresses/playsuits
  • A cap 


  • Can’t recommend enough the zip, mesh bags to separate the clothes in your big rucksack (Amazon basics – see photo)
  • Also for your big rucksack, if you can get one that zips all the way round and has a combination lock it makes life so easy (see photo of Tiff’s grey rucksack – brand is Numinous)
  • Ear plugs – life saver in shared rooms!
  • Eye mask 
  • Money belt (that can go under your jeans)
  • Travel wallet (for your passport etc)
  • Travel debit card (our Revolut cards have been amazing and the app is fab!)
  • Pocket knife 
  • Headphones 
  • Pack of cards  
  • Padlock – so useful for hostel lockers
  • Travel towel (quick dry)
  • Dirty washing bag/plastic bags
  • Waterproof case for iPhone
  • Student card (if you have one)
  • Day rucksack  


  • Worldwide adapter 
  • Portable charging pack 
  • Normal iPhone charger 
  • Kindle 
  • Go Pro
  • Spare phone if you have one 


  • Loads of deet! (50% strength min.)
  • Sun cream & SPF lip balm 
  • Mini first aid kit – plasters, savlon, bite relief etc 
  • Painkillers/Imodium/Pepto-Bismol/Diarylite/Lemsip/Bongela/Piratine/Canesten 
  • Malaria tablets
  • Travel antibiotics from your GP
  • Toiletries – tampons, moisturiser, dry shampoo, razor, tweezers etc 
  • Bonus: marmite & Yorkshire tea bags – Tiff’s fave natural cure if she feels poorly 


  • Biggest tip would be not to over pack. You wind up wearing the same 2 sports shorts and rotating your t shirts! Plus you have to leave room for all the alpacka jumpers you’ll buy in Peru 🙂
  • If we think of anything else we wish we’d had, we’ll add it here! To be continued…