Overview – 

We whizzed through Ecuador, but that didn’t stop us trying a thing or two…first and foremost 

Chocolate! Ecuador is fast becoming some of the best chocolate exported around the world. Most of your favourites chocolates from Europe (Belgium and Switzerland actually get their beans from Ecuador). 70% of economy used to come from the export of cocoa beans. We of course had a chocolate demonstration in a place called Chez Tiff!! 

Our favourite was chocolate infused with passion fruit. We also learnt that the name chocolate derives from the Aztec name Xocolatl (which was the name of a bitter drink they commonly had).

Cooi Cooi! Aka Guinea Pig. They’re everywhere and a total delicacy in Ecuador! They always looked very stretched out roasting on street grills…ick! Unfortunately (or fortunately) we never got round to trying one. 

Ice cream! Any hot bus journey was always saved by someone jumping on and selling cheap, yummy ice cream! We were a little sceptical at first, but the luminous-coloured cone topped with strawberry & vanilla ice cream was great. 

Booze! We sampled our fair share of alcohol in Ecuador (all in aid of the blog) and the main two beers are Pilsener and Club Premium. Both delicious, you’d normally buy a big bottle and share it between two. 

Fave restaurants – 

  • Quito – Cafe San Blas (small with excellent pasta & pizza)

Fave bars – 

  • Banos – Calle Eloy Alfaro is the bar street of Banos and it was very close to our Erupcion Art Hostel 


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