On our way out of Rotorua and south towards Taupo, the bus stopped so that the group could take the ‘Redwoods walk’. The walk takes about an hour and it was really nice to have some early morning exercise. The redwood trees were imported from the USA and I’ve only seen them once before on a school trip to California! 

Back on the bus and just one more stop before reaching Taupo…Huka Falls. This waterfall was pretty special, the crystal clear blue colour of it was mesmerising, plus as it falls into the Waikato river it pumps a volume of 220,000 litres of water over the rock face every second!   

Taupo. Another town another Base hostel! We had the rest of the afternoon to relax and recharge and by the time it was acceptable to drink again we hit Element bar (which is attached to the hostel). 
At one point a few of us ended up drinking in our bus driver Luke’s flat before returning to the bar. The night escalated from there and it was all a bit of a blur when we woke up in our dorm the next morning. Top night though. 

A civilised pre-drinks at Luke’s (far right)
Back to element bar…
Lauren and I…

Bleary-eyed, Harry, Ed, James, Jana, and I headed for the marina to sail Lake Taupo, an activity we’d signed up for the day before. We left Lauren spewing in the hostel…


Although the weather wasn’t great and I was feeling quite fragile, I’m glad I did it. Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest lake and is big enough to fit Singapore! It’s also a crater lake of the second biggest volcano in the world. Our friendly skipper took us to see some iconic Maori rock carvings and provided us with mulled wine (hair of the dog!) before returning us to solid ground.

Ed, Harry, and James (respectively)

Another $5 dominoes was demolished before heading back to the hostel to Netflix and chill for the rest of the day. We had a second night in Taupo and in the morning it was off to River Valley! Yippee!



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