Most people wondered how on earth we spent ten days staying under the same roof in Santiago. For us it almost wasn’t enough, we had the most wonderful time at Ventana Sur, a hostel we stumbled across by accident!    We arrived in Santiago exhausted. The past few days had been spent cold and dirty from the salt flats and deserts! In all honesty we were … Continue reading Santiago


Time to get off the couch and head to Valparaiso.  It’s extremely easy to get there from Santiago – around 2 hours door to door. We jumped on the metro to Los Pajaritos with our trusty Bip cards (Chile’s Oyster card), then a bus (TurBus 3000 Chilean pesos ~£3.60) to Valparaiso’s central station. From there, a collectivo (270 pesos) took us to Plaza Sotomayor.  Luckily … Continue reading Valparaiso 

San Pedro de Atacama

Chile, a new continent and our last country together. All getting a bit emotional!! The border crossing/immigration was very straight forward despite being told the Chileans were difficult. The closest thing to an issue was I left an orange in my rucksack, but the guard just ate it and we waltzed through. Tiff safely got her Marmite and Yorkshire Tea into another country!  San Pedro … Continue reading San Pedro de Atacama